Clean Remedies - Amanita Muscaria/Delta 9 - 5mg/5mg - Gummy

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Introducing a legal mushroom isolate by Clean Remedies. This gummy contains 5mg of Muscimol Isolate blended with hemp derived farm bill compliant Delta-9. There are 12 watermelon flavored gummies per bottle for a total of 60mg each of Muscimol and Delta 9 per bottle. Muscimol has shown anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties as well as analgesic, pain relieving and anti-anxiety effects. Because the effects of Muscimol can sometimes take up to 2hrs, Clean Remedies has blended it with Delta 9 to speed up the pain relief since it usually takes between 40min to 1.5hrs to take effect.  

Recommended Dosage for Muscimol Isolate:

2.5mg-5mg = “Micro-dose” | The perfect place to start for consumers new to muscimol &

psychedelics; Calm the mind & the body, stimulate the senses

5mg-7.5mg = “Therapeutic” | Consumers comfortable with pushing the boundaries a little;

Achieve an elevated & euphoric state

7.5mg-10mg = “Talk to a higher power” | Recommended for experienced consumers only

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