Okidoki - CBD Infused Bully Stick - 10mg

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Okidoki™ 6" Bully Sticks are infused with full-spectrum hemp extract, including CBD and beef liver – it's a blend of ingredients that dogs crave! This yummy combination provides your dog with a delicious, micro-dosed chew that supports mental stimulation and good dental hygiene while providing an enhanced sense of calm.

  • Slow Baked
  • All Natural
  • Promotes Relaxation
  • 10 mg CBD

Why add full spectrum hemp with CBD to natural animal chews? The answer is simple: they complement each other.

Chewing comes naturally to dogs – it helps them relax, expend energy, and feel purposeful. Adding CBD to the natural animal chews enhances the calming effect of chewing and it also benefits how a dog feels, moves, and reacts to the world around them. A simple way to integrate CBD into an activity that dogs love.

Okidoki™ Natural Animal Chews are 100% sustainably sourced and made in the USA. Each product is individually crafted and inspected to ensure quality and safety for dogs. Our manufacturing process is different from the chemically-cooked competition. We slow bake over days to retain the beneficial ingredients in the chews (protein, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins) and also to retain enough water so that the bones are resistant to splintering or cracking.

The Okidoki™ Process

Our natural animal chew products are 100% sustainably sourced in the USA. Each chew is handcrafted, cooked, and individually inspected. We are and always will be 100% American-made! 

Q: How long does the CBD on the bully stick last?
A: Within the first chewing session, your dog will consume most of the CBD on this bully stick. 

Q: How often can I give my dog a bully stick?
A: Because they are very rich in protein, you can give a bully stick once a week if your dog consumes a whole stick. If your dog savors the stick, the stick can last for up to three months rather than consuming it.

Q: Can my dog get high off the CBD in this full-spectrum hemp-infused bully stick?
A: Absolutely not, but they might get addicted to the delicious flavor!

Q: How does a bully stick help with dental hygiene?
A: The grooves and crevices help to naturally scrape off tartar and bacteria that can make your pup’s breath smell less than spectacular.