Palo Santo & BP Lotion Bar

Eagle Creek Apiary
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Our Beegan soap is made with a raw coconut oil base; our Raw Seasonal Honey, Pollen, & Beeswax.  Along with other added therapeutic essential oils and botanicals. Creating a wonderful natural skin enhancing product that is well expressed, lathers richly, and made to gently cleanse, sooth, hydrate, and lock in moisture! Amazing for dry or irritable skin & all other skin types as well!  We're proud to bring you all of  our raw products we offer in one!  “Feel the Flower“

Our soap “flavors” are always changing just like the seasons of the artist. So what we will ship is what we have on hand! Trust that they have all been made with love and the finest quality of ingredients. Focused on the health of the largest organ of our body… our skin.