Hidden Hills - Live Resin - Fire Blend (D11-D9-THCP) Cartridge - 2g

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Hidden Hills Fire Blend offers a potent blend of Delta 11, Delta 9 (less than .3%), and THC-P cannabinoids that are sure to satisfy even the most demanding connoisseur. 

Sativa - Limeaid Palmer flavor is a full citrus explosion. A splash of bold lime that meets zesty lemon meets for a mouth-watering blend. This Sativa offers a happy, uplifting vibe.

Indica - Straw Candyland is a balance of ripe strawberries with sweet lemon notes, This Indica is chill and relaxing, perfect for your next weekend tv binge session.

This cart will work with any device that accepts 510 thread (this is the industry standard cartridge thread).

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