Hidden Hills - Live Resin - Fire Blend (D11-D9-THCP) Disposable Pen - 2g

Hidden Hills
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Hidden Hills Fire Blend offers a potent blend of Delta 11, Delta 9 (less than .3%), and THC-P cannabinoids that are sure to satisfy even the most demanding connoisseur. 

We currently carry two varieties.

Indica - Blackberry Mamba flavor is carefully crafted to offer maximum fruit flavor. Bold berry flavors are like inhaling a fresh bowl of fruit.

Sativa - London Shaved Ice flavor is a tasty mixture of lemony, tropical berry blend with an insanely delicious flavor profile. The lemon and slight hint of berries are clear on the inhale and carry through to the exhale. This blend boosts mental creativeness and awareness to fuel that next creative session.

The Device is Single Button Operation and USB-C Rechargeable

• Press 5 times to power on
• Press 2 times to auto preheat
• Press down button to vape
• Press 5 times to power off
*devices does not have to be powered down every time*